About US

    ALHAUDAJ now considered as one of the major shareholders and partners in factories and financial institutions and educational universities as shown below:

    Major shareholders in NIB.

    Major shareholders in URUK University.

    ► Major shareholders in ALISRA University College.

    Main partier in Maysan Company for dairy products

    Main partner in ALGAITH FACTORY.

    Main partner in AL-SABEL Company for general transportation.

    Main partner in PLAZA factory for juice producing.

    Main partner in PLAZA factory for pipe producing

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    Commercial Agencies

     ALHAUDAJ CO. is the exclusive agent of Kermanshah petrochemical industry company.

    ALHAUDAJ CO. is an agent and distributor for the production of Indian and turkey Producer Company of DAP FERTILIZER.

    ALHAUDAJ CO. has 25% of shareholders with ALGHDOWA Company which is an exclusive agent of (MF, INTRNATIONAL, a. lendi and JBC manufacturer companies)

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